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Desk Dough® Machine

turn your projector into a digital lighting fixture

- compact 2U rack mountable housing

- redundant power supply

- 8 outputs FullHD or 4 outputs 4K

- first of its kind 100% digital lighting fixture

- acts and feels like a lighting fixture with all known parameters like: pan/tilt – zoom – frost – prism – gobo - rotation

- variability of lighting sources depending on the projectors used

- cue based programming of real time shaded gobos

- overcomes mechanical limitations (255facet prism, nearly unlimited gobos) - 3 individually controllable lighting layers per output

- frosted and sharp beams at the same time out of the same fixture

- 2-Color-Vignettes and Edges

- Custom Gobos are possible 

- controllable via ArtNet or sACN - built-in presets for standalone mode without a lighting desk 


WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 39352772